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Our unique Lombok bags are a stunning blend of old traditions and new fashion that will give you an authentic artisan look. Our bags are handmade with Ata and Rattan which are weaved into a traditional round basket that's finished with a colorful cotton inner lining and leather strap.


    Once the purses have been woven, and sun-dried, they are smoked over coconut husks in an oven to set the interlocking weave, and to give them their distinctive color. Sometimes this process will leave the bag with a minor natural scent that goes away over time.  Give your favorite outfit a touch of Bohemian Island Flare as you take on your day. 



    ~Thank You for supporting our Artisans ~


      Please Note: The bags are 100% handmade. The appearance and the size may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the bag. The color of inside material may also differ.